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The Fabric of Our Community

By LIZ LEAMY (click here for bio)

244 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT  06870

(866) 585-2004  |

The Village Ewe is a true gem in every sense of the word.

This charming and unique needlepoint shop, located in the heart of Old Greenwich on Sound Beach Avenue, is the only exclusive retail business of its kind to exist in the Greenwich/Stamford area and has earned a reputation as one of the finest business establishments around.  It has been recognized as Best in the Gold Coast by Moffly Media and Best in Fairfield and Westchester by Serendipity for good reason.

Walking into this shop is an experience unto itself as one is warmly greeted by Estelle Hall, the store’s owner and proprietor, who, along with her welcoming and dedicated staff of specialists, are all there to help guide and assist any level of needlepoint enthusiast through a project.

Inspiration abounds from the moment one enters the shop with its white walls that feature an explosion of colorful yarns and beautiful canvases which could potentially made into decorative pillows, chair covers, holiday ornaments, rugs or even jewelry boxes, among other things.One of the most popular products are custom painted canvases for belts, pillows and stockings.  Additionally The Village Ewe offers a service that will do the needlepointing for you -- a stitching service; thus providing a "beginning to end" service for those too busy to stich. 

The most interesting thing about this venue, however, is the friendly and sophisticated clientele it seems to draw.

Known to have some of the most loyal customers of any retailer in the area, The Village Ewe, which has been in existence for over 60 years, seems to attract people who are interesting and committed to the craft of needlepoint.

This group includes teachers, homemakers, business executives and also students, among others, all of who are interested in either starting a project, buying thread or needles or who might just want to ask a question about an existing work in progress.

No matter what, something always seems to be happening at this locale, which also offers workshops, lessons and other neat things.

At the heart of it all, though, what makes this store so special is the fact that it revolves around one of the world’s most iconic and popular crafts.

Needlepoint, a form of counted thread embroidery in which thread is stitched through open-weave canvas, is really much more than just a craft, but a pursuit in which one can create, relax and build their concentration skills.

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