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Silver Cup High-Goal Polo Final a World-Class Showdown!

Last weekend, the sun came out just in time after several treacherous days of torrential downpours, which was good for the two teams who qualified for the celebrated Silver Cup final, held at the Greenwich Polo Club this past Sunday afternoon.

In characteristic fashion, the GPC provided an ideal venue for this all-important game as Work to Ride/Los Machitos wound up edging out Phoenix eight to seven to take home the Silver Cup, the oldest playing tournament trophy of the U.S. Polo Association.

This esteemed annual 20-goal showdown, cited as one of the most prestigious in the sport because of its 117-year history, featured all the stuff of a great drama with its high level of excitement and world-class standard.

Throughout the entire afternoon, Work to Ride/Los Machitos and Phoenix, both of who had qualified for the final by winning a series of matches held over the past three weeks, staged a memorable show as they battled it out against one another for the Silver Cup.

Playing in front of a sold-out crowd of nearly 4,000 spectators who viewed the match from the grandstand, as well as an array of different tents and from the lawns on the sidelines of the massive Conyer Farms field, the winning team worked hard to wind up tops on the leaderboard, that’s for sure.

This contingent, whose roster included such decorated players as Mariano Aguerre, the U.S. Hall of Fame Museum Hall of Fame member and veteran nine-goal superstar and Mariano Gonzalez, the rock-solid Argentinian seven goaler, worked strategically, aggressively and effectively together to make the all-important magic happen.

“It was a close game and we played hard out there today,” said Gonzalez, the renowned high-goaler who is reputed to also be one of the most respected players among his peers in the sport. “The field was amazing and it had good footing.”

According to Gonzalez, the GPC field is exceptional because it is consistently cut short and at the same time, level and solid, which renders it as an ideal stage for all aspects of playing.

Meanwhile, the members of Phoenix, posed quite a threat against to Work to Ride/Los Machitos with their strong offense and lightning-quick style of playing, which kept the crowd practically glued to their seats all throughout the afternoon.

“This match has been amazing,” said Fanny and Sarah Campeau, two sisters who visited from Montreal to be at the match. “We’re so glad we made it here.”

Somehow, this level of gratitude seemed permeate through the air and seemed to be apparent amongst everyone, especially the players.

“I’m very grateful that we did so well. It was an even game all the way through,” said Joseph Manheim, the amiable Work to Ride/Los Machitos patron after the awards ceremony. “We went up against a really good team.”

Manheim also cited the excellence of the GPC.

“It’s been incredible to play here,” said Manheim. “It’s such a great club.”

Certainly, Manheim’s sentiments seemed to echo that fact most accurately.



Sunday matches June – September 2017:


-Gates open at 1pm

-Matches start at 3pm (and generally finish at around 5pm, with the Awards ceremony usually winding up at 530pm.)

East Lawn General Admission:

40.00/per car (charge is per car, not per individual)


VIP West Lawn:

80.00/per car. This is a special VIP lawn section in front of the grandstand.


Grandstand seating (bleachers):

60.00/per car. (access to VIP bathrooms)


Grandstand Box:

600.00 (four parking passes, 10x10 tent and private lawn in front, includes eight chairs, cocktail table. Only pre-booked.)


NYC Shuttle

-Shuttle service is available from Chelsea/NYC. Departs from the Standard Biergarten at the corner of Little West 12th Street and Washington Street. Admission with shuttle starts at 60.00 per person. Departs at 12pm and leaves GPC at 545pm. Must be purchased by Thursday 8pm before each Sunday match.




1 Hurlingham Drive

Greenwich, CT 06831

Phone: 203-561-1639

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