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The Perfect Provenance is a one-of-a-kind spot that lives up to its names in every respect, as this dynamic and interesting retail, cultural and eating destination, located right in the heart of town on 47 Arch Street, offers everything from high-end art, fashion, jewelry,gifts and home wares as well as a lovely selection of food at its popular restaurant, Cafe 47.

      Situated in a beautiful 100-year old Victorian three-floor home, the Perfect Provenance, opened in May 2016 by Lisa Lori, its founder and proprietor, is an alluring and unique Greenwich retail hotspot that has consistently drawn a wide and ever-expanding array of customers with its innovative offerings of luxury wares, art and food since it first opened.

For Lori, who has lived in Greenwich for more than 14 years, her vision for the Perfect Provenance was to bring a vital cultural retail and restaurant dimension to the people here in town and from around the New York City metropolitan area.

“Our community is quite vast and diverse and I thought they would enjoy seeing, hearing and tasting all of the different art, fashion, home and food design that we showcase,” said Lori, who has worked in the luxury goods business for more than 25 years and always wanted to own a retail store and restaurant. “I meet new people here everyday and I love working just minutes away from my home.”

Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic about the Perfect Provenance is the fact that this art-inspired retail concept store features such an incredibly diverse selection of high-end goods.

You can find such items as men’s and women’s clothing, fine jewelry, candles, home goods, one-of-a-kind gifts, art and at the same time, also enjoy dining at its fabulous restaurant, Café 47, which features a menu of delectable salads, fish, chicken and other edibles that has received five-star ratings from its visitors on the Google search app.

Without a doubt, Lori seems to be hitting the ball out of the park with her retail hotspot and restaurant, which makes perfect sense when one actually experiences all that is involved with this unique destination.

Outside, you can see the store’s signature edgy red and turquoise monochromatic Martone bicycles, a classic California wooden surfboard and cool standing metal windmill structures amidst the grassy green lawn and entryway, which is enticing.

Then, upon walking up the stairs and through the door of this magical ‘shop,’ you can sense the warm and welcoming atmosphere as you start to explore the different myriad of specialty-themed rooms that showcase Lori’s innovative selection of high-end wares in an artful and unique way.

Somehow, a visit here feels as if you’re at a friend’s home or a gallery, which makes it a whole experience unto itself. (The Perfect Provenance also showcases different art exhibitions that change up every 10 to 12 weeks and are based upon specific themes that help set the tone for the store’s retail presentation, with the current one revolving around St. Barts, the French Caribbean island.)

“We offer a sensory experience that I believe is unique, everywhere you turn is a hidden treasure. It is meant to be explored and enjoyed,” said Lori, who lives in Greenwich with her husband, Mat, their three sons, Zachary, Luke and Griffin (Del) and their golden retriever, Corduroy. “Sometimes you walk into a store and you are afraid to touch anything, but we are the opposite of that. We want you to find something special that you can’t find anywhere else.”

The Perfect Provenance, ultimately, should be a mandatory stop for anyone in and/or traveling through Greenwich, as it is a real gem of a place in every sense of the word.

“Our mission is to bring the world of luxury art, home, fashion and food together in one place for people in Greenwich or visiting Greenwich,” said Lori. “Our shop and restaurant are in a 100 year-old home that has been part of the downtown Greenwich community for many years [and] we want our clients to have that feeling of discovery, similar to when you go on vacation, every time they come to our shop.”

Lori, meanwhile, is a popular blogger and has been a contributor to such major media outlets as the Huffington Post, KD Hamptons, Fit to Inspire and

At the same time, she is also a major advocate for the disabled, especially in regard to children.

In recent years, Lori was recognized as the 2012 Open Hearts Award recipient by the Open Heart Foundation, the Light a Fire Award winner by Moffly Media and as the Founders Circle Award winner with her husband for their volunteer work on behalf of Operation Smile. (Her Operation Smile work included a project called the ‘Three Little Bears,’ named after her sons.)

A veritable force in the community, Lori is certainly making her mark in many areas, as shown through her influence and presence with the Perfect Provenance.

“I’m hoping to continue to provide excellent service and a curated atmosphere to our community, to create unique special events and experiences and to be a center for the culturally curious.”

Indeed, Lori seems to be accomplishing this task in a major way.


By LIZ LEAMY (click here for bio)


47 Arch Street

Greenwich, CT 06830

(203) 900-1131  |

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